UAE’s Trukker Expanding to Egypt

Trukker expansion to egypt

Trukker, a largest marketplace is offering the largest services for the people to get the travel services in many countries.

This Abu Dhabi based online store Trukker is now expanding it’s services to Egypt. It is completely doing a great job in providing services in established countries.

Along with the regular international services & booking, trucker do offer bookings for city users. They can book instantly and Trukker helps them to deliver products from one to other place cities.

All of their services fit perfectly in budget. With their services & budget friendly services, Trukker got a great name in UAE, KSA & other countries as cargo. Now, it’s journey in Egypt is bigging with lots of expectations and more streamlined services.

Over 1000+ Trukkers are available to access and about 2030 they have biggest place to reach more in countries with their outstanding services.

Just grab services in cities and avail them all now in Egypt as well in the budget. Are you looking for something like Trukker? There you go!

Later in the year, it is planning expansion in Jordhan and other countries as well. Stay tuned to know more with Shopurz!

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