Traditional to the Trendy Styles: What to Wear in Dubai

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Fashion in Dubai is great blend of cultures. Many people travel over there and spend a great time visiting the local attractions but one thing that always need to find over there is what people wear? According to the tradition some maintain the clothing and some go with their own comfort as Dubai is mostly a place for the expats, you will see different kind of people and their amazing traditions.

There are many styles but what one must have to wear over there considering the local culture and the weather? It is a country that have some rules to follow. You may wear the suits, one pieces or any other but that is only restricted to the your resorts or allowed at some beaches. It is expected from the expats to respect the local culture and wear according to it so let’s find out what is the best way to be comfortable in any weather and spend a great time with the loved once.

1. What to Wear in Summer?

It is very much important for one to wear the clothes according to the weather condition outside. People who are travelling to Dubai during May to October must have to make sure that to pack the shorts, loose clothes (Cotton, linen, silk) and suits if you are going to spend the time in pool at your resort of something. It is strictly no to wear something that shows more of your skin to public outside so make sure you maintain it.

2. What to Wear in Winter?

Though it is summer or winter, every time you will find the hot weather over there that always remind you about what to wear. From November to April you will see the good temperature but in the evening the climate will be cool so it is better you carry the jackets, jeans and other to wear according to the hot weather outside.

If you are planning to travel over there then it is always welcome to go just with bare hands also because you will find a great collection of fashion and the designer pieces available in sales. Mainly the products that it offers for the shoppers in markets, malls and souks make one to stick to the place and visit everything available over there.

You can easily buy everything you want from the store but it is one big request, do respect the local culture. Do not break or wear something that make local people to fall in uncomfortable stage and fell in trouble. 

Happy Shopping in Dubai !!

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