Top Dubai Hotel Partners with Prince Khaled to Launch Plant-Based Menu

December 10, 2019 News

Have you thought of a plant-based menu ever? if not assume it at least because the most popular four-season resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach is now partnered with Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud’s well known KBW ventures in order to get the menu i mentioned.

Chef Matthew a known chef who has got a plant-based menu that’s whole named on the leaves. It’s not just a plan of serving two or three, instead, you will find over 12 plan based items that include starters, entrées and desserts as well.

Prince Khaled’s KBW Ventures is been into investing in the firms and products that mostly deal with plant-based products to get healthy and good things to serve for people. The list of their plans includes plant power fast food, beyond meat and other as well.

Just not as an individual operator but also as a part of the Hotel’s menu, Folia is considered now. Dubai is always been a great place for travellers and foodies as it always top to serve unique things to experience.

Folia is one such amazing collaboration with Matthew Kenney that gets new and healthy cuisine for regular taste buds. Price Khaled also shared his word on how amazing that is for people to experience a healthy yet tasty food enjoying the beautiful atmosphere.

So, it is!!

The prices at Folia are starting at AED 65 per item. The menu includes a lot of things in which signature cacio e pepe, savoury coconut cream pie desert and a lot more. Just not something new to hear and see but also more interesting to taste.