Reema Juffali is a First Women Racer in Saudi Arabia

Reema Juffali is driving change in Saudi Arabia

Men dominated sector has seen a new face of female competing and setting new standards in the region. Reema Juffali, a first Saudi women racer in the kingdom.

Change is already a complicated thing in the country. Coming out of barriers is tough for women but today one girl came out of Islamic kingdom conservative limits. She kept the name as being the first woman to be a part of motorists in the field.

Juffali is 27 years old woman who turned her chance coming out of the ban ended a few months ago. She successfully did her debut and again taking part in the race in Diriyah which is near to the capital Saudi Arabia, Riyadh.

Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY, is been the place now is also known for giving place for a woman to get into the race now.

For women, who always thought of establishing a great life in such a competitive world or who wish to experience a great career in this can now take part. Being aside in this field for a long time, it is may not be such an easy thing to come up with new things in life.

Juffali is the first woman who opened doors to build new side of interest. She shared her dream to take part in one day at Le Mans. Le mas is a 24 hours competition in France which is known as one of the most prestigious competitions in the world.

So Girls, it’s your time to live your dream to the fullest the way you dreamt. Go for it and live with changing minds and rules of Riyadh now.

Great step by Government of Saudi!!

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