How the UAE Residency Visa Process can now be Completed in 40 Minutes

December 10, 2019 News

The smarter UAE is highly updating with smarter services now in which recently the UAE residency Visa are included.

Yes, just complete UAE residency visas in just 40 minutes. The smart services of Dubai are helping people to get the dependants visa in the least time possible.

Just take your 10 minutes of time to fill in the application details and it takes over 20 minutes to two days to process and get approved.

Dr Aisha Bint Butti Bin Bishr, director-general of Smart Dubai also mentioned they have considered and came up with a better way to provide faster services to make lives easier.

The format got simplified and performing well as over 350 people till now used the application process and got the service for the dependants from the date of announcement.

Soon, the Dubai government is planning to come up with new establishments to get services even better. Fully digitalized services and paperless administration by December 2021 can make the work of people simply and save a billion pieces of paper.