Ekar Car Rental Service

Ekar car rentals

Eka, founded in the year 2015. It gets the rent cars every minute, hour and day through a mobile app in United Arab Emirates. Any user in UAE can easily download the app having the valid driving license, id and other required details to register.

Payperminute allows one to book the app. One can locate the cars available in just upto 5 hours and daily, weekly and monthly as well. One can unlock car a user booked through the app and access a convenient range of comfortable travel experience.

Book with Android & IOS, Ekar’s car has got great car bookings in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Booking services are starting at the best price starting from AED 0.6 per minute. It is currently serving over 50,000 monthly bookings to the people in United Arab Emirates. This website notes over 1000 cars offering services. It is growing big in UAE market that has got the delighted travel services.

In the past few years, Eka has got big changes in services and got comfortable services to one in order to enjoy amazing services in the budget range like never before. So, if one is travelling then opt Ekar car booking services now in UAE.

There is no doubt in saying that transport platform such as Ekar would definitely recreate the travel experiences for the people. Mainly this works on a great range at the highly populated places like Riyadh to gather everything. Enjoy services to reach the destination in time within the budget.

It’s a increasing market and Ekar seems to be a big player tomorrow!
Happy Trip with Eka now!

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