20 houses sanctioned for Emiratis in Ajman

20 houses sanctioned for Emiratis in Ajman

Great news for the Ajman. Crown Prince of Ajman and Chairman of Ajman Executive Council announced for construction of 20 houses for the Emirates. Who are not benefited from the housing grants programme in Emirates will be receiving this chance of getting a house this time.

Shaikh Humaid thoroughly checked the details and report that is prepared by the Ajman statistics, they have come to the conclusion of getting 20 houses ready for the elderly, widows and divorced women.

Maintaining living standards and offering better ethics for the people is in the ruler’s hands. Inspiring from the vision came out by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the thought being processed ahead.

UAE Government announced this and expressed his happiness to get some better things for people in the country. It’s definitely a great gift for the UAE nationals as it’s added celebration during 48th National day.

Celebrate this UAE National day on a big note and add more happiness to it this time as the recent announcement is definitely worth celebrating.

The fair and genuine desitions that UAE government gets for the people in the country have always been helpful. This even encourages them to do better, maybe this is the reason behind outsiders feeling UAE as their own motherland.

Though expiates are more, it offers respect and great services for the professionally and as a supportive move. Employee rules to staying comforts, it makes sure everything to happen in the best for one who comes in.

The step and concern, prince and council showed to the people will always be a moving thing for them.

By the way “Happy UAE National Day”

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